Patented Turmeric Formulation For Gout

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Natural Remedy for Gout

Botanics Integrated’s sole mission is to provide a natural remedy to the painful disease of gout. Our product, the Patented Turmeric Formulation, is the result of 40 years of elaborate research and testing by Dr. Kailash C. Agarwal, Ph.D. 

We promise that our natural and patented turmeric formulation will provide you with a remedy for any joint pain you are experiencing from high uric acid levels.

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Our Secret Ingredient: Turmeric

We have completed extensive research into the effects of turmeric extract on gout and have developed a formula, which is now patented, designed to reduce the pain that gout causes. And now, we are delivering our turmeric-based formula to you through our product, the Patented Turmeric Formulation, in order to fulfill our mission of providing a solution to gout.

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We can proudly say that our Patented Turmeric Formulation will not cause you any side affects. The reason is because everything that we put into our product is highly backed by scientific research completed over 34 years. In addition to this, we spend the extra money to put the best quality ingredients into our product to insure that it not only delivers on it’s promise of providing a remedy for gout pain, but does so without any of the typical side effects.

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“I never knew a natural product could work so well.”

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